In 2006 the two radiologists, Thomas and Ingvar, discovered a potential to use liquid oat cream as a food-based negative contrast agent.

They contacted Prof. Rickard Öste and Prof. Björn Bergenståhl (both Lund University) and the work begun!

After almost ten years of development and research the first concept of per-oral, food-based negative contrast agent was presented and ready for further clinical evaluation in 2015.

In 2016 the first clinical trial on 25 healthy subjects was performed at Malmö University Hospital (SUS). In 2017 we apply for phase II study that will be conducted at the same hospital.

The Lument Timeline

2006 – Vision of invention

Thomas Fork brought up the idea of developing a true negative bowel contrast agent for computer tomography (CT) with a quality comparable to MR-images. Among the specs were that the agent should be food-based, pleasant to drink, and with no side effects

2009 – Lument AB

Lument AB was founded for the development of the novel negative contrast agent

March 2016 – Pre-clinical Trial

Positive results in feasibility studies in vitro digestive tests

April to October 2016 – Pilot Trial

Promising results from an in vivo pilot test with 25 healthy volunteers.

February 2017 – Lumentin®

Lumentin® registered for the EU trade mark.
Pending: US, Canada, Switzerland, China, UK, Hong Kong and Japan

March 2017 – Patent Pending

Product production filed to be patented.

November 2017 – Phase II Clinical Trial

Application process is, as of June 2017, ongoing.